Our main mandate is to master plan the green hydrogen sector and foster the development of an efficient, commercial industry that aligns with Vision 2040 and provides a pathway to the Sultanate’s 2050 net-zero goals.

We delineate 50,000sqm of government-owned land that has been designated for associated large-scale green hydrogen projects. We structure these projects, manage the process for their allocation to developers and oversee their execution.

Hydrom implements a transparent bidding process for its green hydrogen projects. The process follows a structured and publicly shared auction timeline with a series of roadshows as well as a qualification phase for vetting potential bidders. Detailed RFQ and RFP documents ensure equal information access for all participants, with strict submission deadlines. The process includes a bid evaluation period and the possibility for clarification, ensuring well-informed decisions. Hydrom's flexibility in adapting timelines and communicating changes highlights its dedication to fairness and clarity in the auction process.

Oman is advancing towards a hydrogen-centric economy, with plans for a 2000km hydrogen pipeline connecting the south to the north by 2050 through a comprehensive infrastructure network. Hydrom's partnership with Asyad group aims to prepare the Omani logistics and transport sector for the first hydrogen production in 2030, considering the expected characteristics and volumes from green hydrogen projects. This preparation is vital to meet international standards for hydrogen deployment across industries.

Furthermore, Oman is facilitating green hydrogen projects by providing shared infrastructure for common use. The announcement of Infra Co in December 2023, with national champions for water, electricity, and hydrogen pipelines infrastructure packages, exemplifies this support.

Hydrom works closely with various stakeholders, including government agencies, energy companies, and international partners. It plays a pivotal role in aligning national strategies with operational execution, bridging the gap between policy-making and industry development in the green hydrogen sector. Hydrom's role in building Oman's green hydrogen economy includes managing land auctions for hydrogen projects, developing infrastructure, coordinating off-take agreements, and otherwise carrying out operations that align with national strategies to position Oman as a leader in green hydrogen production

Oman's commitment to green hydrogen, underscored by its strategic investment in the sector, is rooted in its rich solar and wind resources, which rank among the best globally for renewable energy production. Recognizing the potential of these resources, Oman is proactively managing a data repository on wind and solar resources to support its green hydrogen ambitions. This initiative not only positions Oman as a future leader in the energy transition but also capitalizes on its strategic location and abundant natural resources to secure long-term economic and environmental advantages. Through this focused approach, Oman aims to harness its prime renewable resources effectively, leveraging its young and talented workforce in partnership with the global energy sector.