Overview of Auction Phase A

Hydrom has awarded land blocks for green hydrogen projects, in order to meet the 2030 production target of 1 MTPA of green hydrogen. Phase is divided into two bid rounds:

  • Round 1: Two blocks have been awarded in Duqm in June 2023
  • Round 2: Up to three additional blocks are planned to be awarded in the Dhofar by end of Q2 2024

Oman expects the winning developers to deliver integrated projects, covering the full green hydrogen value chain:

  • Renewable Production: Developers are expected to propose a wind/solar mix that ensures a competitive Levelized Cost of Hydrogen (LCOH). The technology mix can evolve over time
  • Hydrogen Production: Developers are free to propose the electrolyzer technology of their choice (e.g. PEM vs. alkaline electrolyzers)
  • Hydrogen Derivatives Conversion: The choice of end-product (e.g. hydrogen, ammonia, methanol) is also left at the discretion of developers
  • Offtake: Developers are expected to secure the offtake for their projects

Developers are expected to bid as consortia and partner with a Government-owned entity post-award.

Awarded Projects

Five Projects in Duqm

  • Amnah: Awarded to a consortium comprised of Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, Blue Power Partners and Al Khadra, part of Oman’s Hind Bahwan Group, the project is expected to develop approximately 200 KTPA of green hydrogen from 4.5 GW of installed renewable energy capacity for planned green steel plants located in Port of Duqm, within SEZAD. This is Oman’s largest solar energy project and demonstrates the potential of the nation’s renewable sources for delivering a low-carbon future and economic diversification.
  • Green Energy Oman: Arwarded to a consortium consortium comprised of Oman’s integrated Energy Company OQ, Shell Oman, Kuwait's state-backed energy investor EnerTech, InterContinental Energy and Golden Wellspring Wealth for Trading, this project will produce 150 KTPA of green hydrogen from 4 GW of installed renewables capacity for ammonia export purposes.
  • BP Oman: This project has an anticipated annual production of 150 KTPA of green hydrogen from 3.5 GW of installed renewables capacity for ammonia production and export.
  • POSCO-ENGIE: Awarded to a consortium comprised of POSCO-ENGIE, POSCO Holdings, MESCAT Middle East DMCC, Samsung Engineering Co. Ltd., Futuretech Energy Ventures, Korea East-West Power Co. Ltd. and Korea Southern Power Co. Ltd, this project is expected to produce more than 200 KTPA of green hydrogen by 2030, utilising over 5.2 GW of combined wind and solar energy to produce and export ammonia.
  • Hyport Duqum: Awarded to a consortium consisting of OQ Alternative Energy and DEME Concessions NV, this project will produce more than 50 KTPA of green hydrogen by 2029, in its first phase.

Three Projects in Salalah

  • Salalah H2: Awarded to a consortium comprised of OQ AE, Marubeni Corporation, Dutco Overseas Limited (Dutco Group), and Samsung C&T, one of the Legacy Initiatives that signed term sheets in March 2023, is set to produce over 1 million tons of green ammonia per year, with an expected production of over 175,000 tons of green hydrogen.
  • EDF, J Power, Yamnah: Awarded to a consortium consisting of with EDF Group, J-POWER and Yamna will aim to produce approximately 178,000 tpa of green hydrogen by 2030, using approximately 4.5 GW of wind and solar energy coupled with battery storage and an approximately 2.5 GW state-of-art electrolyser. The produced hydrogen will be supplied to an ammonia plant to be built in the Salalah Free Zone and set to produce 1 mtpa of green ammonia.
  • Actis - Fortescue: Awarded to a consortium consisting of with Actis and Fortescue will involve construction of up to 4.5GW of wind and solar renewable energy resources that will power electrolyzers with the potential to produce up to 200,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year. This will then be sold to local industrial offtakers as well as processed into derivatives (such as green ammonia) for export via the existing Port of Salalah.