Auction Phase A

Overview of Auction Phase A

Hydrom intends to award land blocks for green hydrogen projects in 2023, in order to meet the 2030 production target of 1 MTPA of green hydrogen. Phase A will be divided into two bid rounds:

  • Round 1: Two blocks will be awarded in Duqm area by April 2023
  • Round 2: Up to three additional blocks are planned to be awarded in the Dhofar area by end of Q1 2024

Oman expects the winning developers to deliver integrated projects, covering the full green hydrogen value chain:

  • Renewable Production: Developers are expected to propose a wind/solar mix that ensures a competitive Levelized Cost of Hydrogen (LCOH). The technology mix can evolve over time
  • Hydrogen Production: Developers are free to propose the electrolyzer technology of their choice (e.g. PEM vs. alkaline electrolyzers)
  • Hydrogen Derivatives Conversion: The choice of end-product (e.g. hydrogen, ammonia, methanol) is also left at the discretion of developers
  • Offtake: Developers are expected to secure the offtake for their projects

Developers are expected to bid as consortia and partner with a Government-owned entity post-award.

Process, timeline and fees :

Each bid round shall consist of a separate pre-qualification ("RFQ" - Request for Qualification) and subsequent bid submission (“RFP” - Request for Proposal) process. For Phase A Round 2, the subsequent processes will run until January 2024, followed by the project evaluation through Q1 2024.

1st Bid Round

Nov. 2022

Request for Qualification Release

Dec. 2022

Request for Proposal Release

March 2023

Bid Submission Deadline

April 2023

Winners of 1st Round

2nd Bid Round

June 2023

Request for Qualification Release and Investor Roadshow

September 2023

Request for Proposal Release

January 2024

Bid Submission Deadline

End of Q1 2024

Winners of 2nd Round

Applicants will be requested to register on an online auction platform, sign a Confidentiality Undertaking and pay a registration fee to obtain RFQ documents. After a qualification round, qualified bidders will be requested to pay a fee to obtain RFP documents and then a fee for each bid to be submitted.

Applicants will be evaluated in three stages:

  • Minimum Qualification Criteria: -  Minimum criteria to ensure that only capable and committed Applicants with strong financial, development, and operating capabilities can participate in the competitive bidding process.
  • Minimum Bid Criteria: -  Minimum requirements to ensure project proposals are aligned with the strategic objectives of Oman to move into the green hydrogen value chain. Only Bids deemed to be compliant with these requirements will be moved forward to bid evaluation.
  • Evaluation Framework: Framework to evaluate bids through a structured and comparative process adhering to the principles of openness, equal opportunity, equality, and freedom of competition.
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