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About Hydrom

We’re building a better future

Hydrom was launched in 2022 following His Majesty Haitham bin Tarik’s directive to structure and accelerate the development of the green hydrogen sector in Oman. We are the singular, central entity orchestrating Oman’s interest in green hydrogen, fully owned by Energy Development Oman.

Our main mandate is to master plan the sector while aiming to create a connected ecosystem of industries and hubs that aligns with Vision 2040 and provides a pathway to the Sultanate’s 2050 net-zero goals. To achieve this, we advise on policy and regulatory design, lead master planning, organize and oversee large-scale gH2 project auctions, and manage developer allocations in Oman's gH2 sector. We oversee and coordinate the execution of gH2 projects, facilitate the development of shared infrastructure for gH2 projects, coordinate the readiness of the logistics ecosystem for gH2 sector demands, explore and support potential offtakes and demand creation for gH2 through connected ecosystem industries, and maximize value creation for Oman in the gH2 sector.

With green hydrogen pegged to be a major facilitator for Oman’s diversified economy, we are also responsible for advancing the development of common infrastructure, connected adjacent-industries and hubs that are a part of the hydrogen value chain. This comes in the form of road and transport networks, storage facilities, manufacturing and processing services, as well as areas such as institutional and human capacity-building and education and research

What we do

Our Roles

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Master plan the green hydrogen sector in oman

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Delineate and allocate government-owned lands for green hydrogen projects

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Structure projects and manage the auction process

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Coordinate the common infrastructure and facilitate the development of connected ecosystem industries

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Oversee the execution of green hydrogen projects

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Manage the data repository on wind and solar resources


Why Oman

Supportive Environment with world-class infrastructure

 Ambitious green hydrogen program

The Sultanate of Oman has launched an ambitious green hydrogen program. Green hydrogen and its derivatives constitute a strategic opportunity for the country to ensure its energy security and diversify its economy while supporting the decarbonization efforts of hard-to-abate sectors both in Oman and around the world.

 Strong renewable resources

Oman is blessed with very strong renewable resources, positioning it as one of the most attractive locations globally to produce green hydrogen competitively and at large-scale. Oman has, as such, set ambitious green hydrogen production targets, to cover both local demand as well as exports globally.

 Economically and politically stable

Besides its favorable natural resources, Oman is an economically and politically stable country, offering an attractive destination for foreign investors with a highly competitive offer. In addition, Oman offers world-class logistics and infrastructure to support the localization of industries.

Visit Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Investment Promotion (MOCIIP) and Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones (OPAZ).

  Attractive zones identified for investors

The Government has already identified the most attractive zones within the country to produce green hydrogen. Those will be offered to investors in subsequent phases of tendering, in line with green hydrogen strategy and production targets.

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5.2 M

population in 2020


~310k km2



$86 B

GDP of 2021



GDP/capita at PPP in 2019


$2.9 B

foreign investments in 2021, over 3.3% of GDP


Top 44%

countries by political stability index2

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Hydrom Meets Target To Deliver Over 1 Million TPA Of Renewable Hydrogen With Round 2 Auction Award
02 MAY 2024

Hydrom Meets Target To Deliver Over 1 Million TPA Of Renewable Hydrogen With Round 2 Auction Award

Muscat: Hydrom, the Sultanate’s green hydrogen orchestrator, announced signing two new green hydrogen projects in Dhofar worth US$ 11 billion. The signings follow the successful completion of Hydrom’s second round of auctions bringing the total hydrogen production in Oman to 1.38 million tonnes per year (mtpa) by 2030.

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